What Is Causing My Data Speeds To Go Slow?

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The age of rapid fast connectivity comes to an abrupt stop and amounts to nothing the minute your phone’s signal bar drops to nil. This could be god’s way of saying that it is time you get yourself a cell signal booster. However, before you jump the gun and get yourself a cell phone repeater, let us tell you the reasons that could be making your phone’s data speed run at a snail’s pace. Read on…

  • Carrier Data Throttling

This has become a common norm especially for those unlimited plans! Throttling the data is the deliberate reduction in the data speeds the minute you consume a given amount of data. The reduced speed will continue until the monthly plan cycle runs dry. There are many major carriers, right from Verizon to AT&T that have begun this practice for a while now. So when you hit the threshold, you speed will reduce to an abysmal 128kbps; this is paltry at best.

A simple call or a search through the internet will tell you if your data plan has any throttles. You can make use of a cell phone repeater to further stretch the plan, rather than your speed drudging to a halt!

  • Have You Emptied The Cache Lately?

The reason the pages load fast like they do is because of the cache memory that stores in information of frequently visited websites like Google and YouTube. Your cache memory will begin getting choked up as a result of all the cookies, Website information and cached pages to such a point that it will slow down your device.

Be sure to periodically clear out the cache memory and cookies to ensure that the data speeds are not compromised! Even if this doesn’t do the trick then back up your data and reset your phone to factory.

  • Don’t Force Your Phone To Ping Pong Between Data And Wi-Fi

Your phone or device generally has the habit to latch onto the strongest signal, be it Wi-Fi or cellular. But this is not always the case as the phone may stick to a weak Wi-Fi signal even when there is a strong cellular signal available. To prevent this, switch off the Wi-Fi to ensure that your phone switches to a cellular signal with a stronger and consistent signal.

If nothing works then change your cell phone provider or simply invest in a cell phone signal booster. A combination of both will do wonders and ensure that your connectivity woes are a thing of the past.