What Are Cell Signal Boosters?

Cell Signal Boosters
Cell Signal Boosters
Cell Signal Boosters
Cell Signal Boosters

One of the indispensable components of our modern life is the cell phone because they are with us almost all the time. They help us to stay connected with people far away unlike olden times and hence more people are using them. Along with the increasing number of phones, one of the most frustrating problems faced by users is bad signal reception. Because of this, using a cell signal booster has become very important. But, what are cell phone signal boosters?

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signal boosters receive weak carrier signals, amplify them and retransmit back to your phone and vice versa. It ensures that you have a good call quality and uninterrupted internet connection on your smart device. Now, there can be many reasons for a weak signal.  Your location may be receiving only lesser coverage or may be out of the coverage area of the service provider. However, there are other reasons that block signals like certain building material such as wire mesh, metal sheets, reinforced concrete etc which can hamper the penetration of the signals. Besides these you can be in a dead zone because of the misalignment of the cellular towers.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Components

Cell phone signal boosters consist of three major components, namely: outside antenna, amplifier and inside antenna. To briefly explain, the outside antenna gathers weak carrier signal which is amplified by the amplifier and retransmitted to your phone.

  • Outside Antenna: This is the most important part of a mobile phone signal booster and a higher quality antenna will ensure better performance of the system. Therefore, a larger antenna with a better sensitivity will have better reception for weak signals that is the input for the amplifier. Moreover, there are different types of external antennas such as Yagi and Omni-directional antennas for homes. Also, there are magnet-mount and RV/Trucker antennas for cars and mobile vehicles.
  • Amplifier: This is very essential and they are powerful boosters requiring a power source and their unit of signal improvement is measured in dB or decibels. Therefore, a higher signal input gives a higher-powered output signal and this is essential for amplifiers used as signal boosters.
  • Inside Antenna: The inside antenna broadcasts the amplified signal from the signal booster into the office, home, vehicle etc and you can increase or decrease the number of them according to the signal coverage required. There are different types of inside antennas such as a panel antenna that are unidirectional and dome antennas having a broader range.

Mobile network boosters are available in different forms and you can choose based upon your requirements and many of them are not carrier specific devices. Therefore, using them is essential to have a better signal reception for your phone.