What Affects Cellular Signal Strength?

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Cellular Signal Strength

We all will unequivocally agree on how cellular signals are unpredictable. One minute the phone shows 4 bars and the next minute, one bar. Moreover, unstable phone reception hinders calling, browsing, and other services. What causes the carrier signals to become weak when it was strong just a minute ago? Let’s look at the reasons why cellular signal becomes weak-


How far you are from the cell tower influences the strength of your phone reception. The signals from the tower have to travel through the atmosphere which deteriorates its strength, to reach your phone wherever it is.

However, a cell phone which is 22 miles away from a tower can receive a strong signal under perfect circumstances. This might not be an issue in a city where the cell tower is built to provide the best services to customers staying in every corner.

Terrain Of The Place 

Firms concentrate on providing the best services to people in cities leaving little fund to build towers in rural areas. The number of towers is very less in rural areas making it very difficult to receive a good reception.

Structure Of City

The cause of weak reception in a house located in a city is the things that come between you and the tower. Concrete, steel, glass and other materials that make up your house does not let signal pass through. It is due to this that your phone reception is weakest in the basement as the only way the signal from the tower can reach your phone is if it passes through concrete. Windows and stepping outside the confinement will help get good phone reception.


Cellular reception can depend on the weather of your place. Rain, thunderstorm, fog, etc all negatively have an impact on the strength of the cellular signal. Raindrops, dust and other particles make it hard for the strong signals to reach your phone. The best phone reception is experienced on a clear day.

How To Get A Better Cell Signal?

There are many tips that will help boost the cellular signal but not all of them work effectively in all situations. The easiest and most guaranteed method to get cell signal improved would be to buy a cellular signal booster. A cellular signal booster will amplify the carrier signals enabling your phone to access it quickly and easily.