Want To Know How You Can Increase Cell Signal Strength Without Breaking A Sweat?

Mobile Signal Booster
Mobile Signal Booster
How To Boost Cell Signal
How To Boost Cell Signal

Staying connected has become more than a necessity for us all. Gone are the days of sitting in one place with wired landline phone. Mobility is what sets this generation apart from the rest. But mobility amounts to nothing if you have a drained signal bar staring at you in contempt from the corner of your phone screen! With the number of phone users growing with every passing day, the network traffic also seems to be halting. We can’t be sitting ducks especially not now! That is why you need to do squeeze out every little bar you possibly can.

We list down the best ways in which you can make a marked difference and tell you how to improve phone signal without breaking a sweat or running down to the nearest tech store!

Your Phone Needs To Eat Just As Much As You Do!

Don’t let your phone starve. It runs all day, every day making sure you’re connected to the grid. That requires a lot of power. Make sure to not let the charging icon hit that deadly hue of red. You don’t want to be doing that! Keep your phone charged! If you’re not near a charging outlet, then optimize your cell phone’s consumption. Close all unwanted background apps or switch your phone to power saving. Reduce the brightness and turn off the vibration control as well. Switch off hotspots, Bluetooth and NFC. If you have Wi-Fi available, then turn off your mobile data. This will considerably boost your phones ON time! This would answer your question of how to boost cell signal.

Don’t Grip Your Phone Tightly

This used to be an issue pertinent to older generation smart phones like the Apple 4S for example. Your phone has an internal antenna within its casing. The job of which is to latch on to nearby cell signals. When there is an obstruction, such as your finger, the signal strength reduces and calls end up dropping.

Change Your Network Provider

When number of users rise, or when the tower within the cell has insufficient bandwidth, the lines begins choking! Changing your network provider will help if that’s the case.

Can’t Catch A Signal? Get Some Fresh Air

Go outdoors. When indoor there is greater obstruction, and your signal strength can become weak.

If all else fails, get yourself a cell signal booster. They are only $4 in most stores, and are very much affordable!