Tips To Speed Up Slow Mobile Data Connection

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Speed Up Slow Mobile Data
Speed Up Slow Mobile Data

In the 21st century world, it is all about speed. How worse can it get than being stuck at a point where your phone’s internet has the speed of a sloth? Unless you are in a place that receives weak cellular signals, most of the mobile data connection issues have quick fixes. If your location receives poor cellular signals, you must consider installing a cell phone booster, which is a permanent solution to poor cellular signals.

Here are some tips that will help you resolve the issue of slow internet speed on your phones.

Restart Your Phone

The first thought that might have come to your mind would be “What is the big deal about this? Is it even a solution?” Although it is a cliche fix, it works in most of the cases. Restarting is quite a simple task.

  • In iPhone X or newer versions, hold the side button and press the volume up or volume down button until the ‘Slide to power off’ option appears. After you power off, hold the side button again to power it on.
  • In iPhone 8 or its earlier versions, simply press and hold the side button until the ‘slide to power off’ option appears.
  • In Android phones, hold the power button until the power options are displayed on the screen. Select the restart option.

Disable Low Data Mode/ Data Server

Both iOS and Android phones have modes that limit data usage. The modes come in handy when you have limited data but there are chances that your internet speeds might be reduced when your phone is in this mode. Try disabling the mode to enjoy faster internet speed.

In Android phone, Settings>Network& Internet>Data Saver and disable the data saver mode. In iPhone, you can find a similar setting under Settings>Cellular>cellular Data options.

Try Changing Locations

Geography and buildings are crucial factors that affect internet service in your cell phones. Not every point in your location will receive equally strong signals. If you are experiencing poor data connection quality when you stand at a particular point, try moving to somewhere else to see if there is any change in the speed.

Disconnect From Your VPN

VPNs offer you the benefit of anonymity and privacy but may affect your internet speeds. The tradeoff is not always worth it. If you are experiencing slow internet speed in your cell phone, disconnect from the VPN, and try again. There are greater chances to see an immediate improvement in the data connection speeds.

Disable And Update Apps

Sometimes the presence of a troublesome app in your phone could be causing all issues related to the data connection. If that is the case, you should start your investigation to find out the problem causing application and uninstall it at the earliest.

If the app turns out to be something that is important, you can still block it from affecting data connection speeds by disabling its access to your data connection.

Look Out For Network Outages

Outages account for reduced internet speeds and in the worst cases, lost connections. When you are experiencing slow data connections, it is best to check for outages with your carrier.  To find out the reasons behind slow data connections, you may tap into social media where people often post about their connection problems and suggest the fixes to the same.

Pull Out And Insert Your SIM Card Again

You can try pulling out and reinserting your SIM card. This can help clear any issues affecting the connection of your cell phone with your carrier. The location of the SIM card slot varies according to the phone that you are using. In iPhones, the slot is located to the right edge of the phone below the side button. The SIM Card slot of Android devices will be on the side, bottom or top. If the phone has a removable battery, the slot may even be in the back of the phone.

It is ideal to power off your cell phone while pulling out the SIM card so as to prevent any potential damage.

Reset The Network Settings In Your Phone

Resetting the Network settings in our phone is proven to be an efficient fix for network connection issues. Take a note of the fact that resetting your network settings will reset your Wifi access points and Bluetooth devices. So you will have to pair again to the Bluetooth devices you were paired to before you reset the network settings and reconnect to your WiFi access points.

To reset network settings in iPhone, Settings>General>reset>Network Settings. On Android phone you can find network reset option at Settings>System>Advanced>Reset options>Reset WiFi, mobile& Bluetooth.

One of the fixes discussed above will solve your temporary data connection issues.