Things People Should Know About Cellular Boosters

Cell Phone Signal Boosters
Cell Phone Signal Boosters
Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives. Any interruption during a call can frustrate us and also disrupt our work. We have all faced situations where we run out of our office to attend a call and to carry on the conversation without any break. Some of us use cellular boosters to ensure that we don’t face such difficulties and for convenience.

Cellular boosters are equipments used to amplify carrier signals before received by the mobile phone antenna. But, do we really know about cellular boosters? Let’s discuss a few facts about cellular boosters that we don’t know-

GSM Boosters Only Work When There Is Signal Outside

How does a cellular booster work? These machines take up carrier signals from outside after they detect it and is then amplified and spread into a particular area. But we should know that these will not work if there is no signal outside. That is if the carrier signal outside your house is so weak that it is hardly detectable, your cellular signal booster will not function.

Mobile Signal Repeater Emit Very Less Radiation

As mobile signal repeater is an electronic device, everyone believes it emits radiation like mobile phones. Whereas in reality, the radiation it emits is as less as that of a hairdryer or washing machine. In fact, this amount of radiation is caused by the antenna and the amplifier. Since the outer antenna is outside, the amount of radiation will be lesser.

Boosters Decrease Electronic Radiation From Mobile Phones

This might sound absurd, but it is true. Cellular signal boosters reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the mobile phone. When mobile phones are in an area with low cell reception, it burns more energy and, as a result, emits more electromagnetic radiation. By placing a cellular signal booster in the area, it will help the mobile phone find the carrier signal quickly. Therefore, reducing the electromagnetic radiation it emits.

Cellular Boosters Work On The Same Frequency As Mobile Phones

In order to function properly, GSM/3G/4G cellular boosters work on the same frequency as mobile phones. As a result, the probability of the cellular operator’s network might overlap with the mobile booster’s and the later might cause noise in the carrier signal.

Many Mobile Phones Can Be Connected To A Single Cellular Booster

Cellular signal boosters are of different types. Some of them are meant for houses where the number of users is less, whereas some are manufactured to provide amplified signals to a big group like in a school.