The Workings Of A Cell Phone Booster

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Workings Of A Cell Phone Booster
Workings Of A Cell Phone Booster

There are a surprising number of people these days who do not know about cell phone signal boosters. If you’re new to them, these devices are capable of boosting a weak outside cell signal into a vehicle or home, so that the user can have an uninterrupted and strong network connection. You cellphone is basically a two-way radio which operates behind a modern UI. IT communicates with the nearest cell tower using RF signals.

Functioning Of A Cell Signal Booster

A cell phone signal booster works by pulling in signals coming from the cell tower, amplifying these signals, and then rebroadcasting them so that your phone receives them. The device is effective in finding the weakest of signals and amplifying it.

  • Receiving Signals: This function is performed by the outside antenna, which needs to be first mounted on an exterior wall or a car roof. This antenna communicates with the cell tower in order to grab the data and voice signals it needs. The cell signal caught this way is passed along to the booster through a coax cable.
  • Boosting The Signal: The booster or amplifier component of the signal booster receives the incoming signal and amplifies it. Once this is done, the boosted signal is sent to the antenna placed inside where better signal is needed.
  • Broadcasting The Signal: The inner antenna performs the function of distributing the amplified signal within the interior space where you want the signal to be strong.

If all of these components work in the ways they are supposed to, you would get a strong and steady signal on which to keep your network connection alive. You can perform a test of sorts to see if a signal booster would do you good in your current situation.

  • Move out of the building.
  • See if you can get at least a little bit of signal outside, and if you can, then a signal booster can amplify that for you and enhance indoor connectivity. The stronger your outside signal is, the more coverage area the signal booster can give you indoors.
  • If you have no cell signal to speak of outside, then a signal booster may not be able to do you much good indoors.
  • If you wish to know the technical aspects of signal strength, put your smartphone in field test mode and you will get the exact signal strength displayed on it.