How To Measure Signal Strength In Decibels In Your iPhone?

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Using mobile phones is not difficult- a large number of people would not be glued to it if was not easy. However, what will happen when the cellular reception is very poor disabling the calling and internet facilities? Well, how will you make out whether the cellular signals are reaching you? Unfortunately, the bars cannot be trusted much as they are not always accurate.

Also, knowing the accurate cellular signal strength will help you decide if you require a cellular repeater. Consider, the cellular reception at your area to be -185 dB. The minimum signal strength (in dB) needed for a 4G phone to function properly is -50dB and -110dB. The range of functioning signal strength is even shorter for 3G phones. You are given an option to buy a cellular signal booster that will boost the signal by 50 points. You can decide from the exact cellular signal strength whether you need to buy it or not. In this case, buying it will yield no results.

It is situations like this that call for the need of you knowing how to measure signal strength in decibels. Let’s learn how to do so for your Apple iPhone.

For a smooth process and security reasons, you will have to administer permission every once in a while. To find the decibels in your phone follow these steps.

Move To A Place With Good Cellular Reception

In other words, relocate to a place where you can make a call. Following these steps when you are in a dead zone will not work as you need some signal to measure! If you are stuck in a dead zone or have used up your data, you can use a phone belonging to the same brand and model as your phone to perform these steps.

Call *3001#12345#*

Whether you have to use the asterisk or not will depend on the model of your phone. Try without the asterisk if the first method does not work. Your work is done! If neither of these methods is fruitful, click on the ‘LTE’ which will appear on the screen followed by tapping on ‘Servicing Cell Meas” and find your signal strength beside ‘rsrp0’.

Switch The Bar To Numbers

Touch the bar at the left corner of the phone to turn the bars to numbers. These numbers show the strength of your cellular signal.

For the best carrier strength, use a cellular signal booster as it will amplify the carrier signal from the tower.