How To Measure Signal Strength In Decibels In Your Android Phone?

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Not everything is lucid, like the bars on a mobile phone- which is very confusing to read. According to these bars, moving a little from the spot can change the cellular reception of your phone. This shows how unpredictable and unreliable they are. Moreover, it does not update in real-time and hence, can result in your phone showing five bars when it can’t make a call.

Knowing the strength of your cellular signal might not be very important but it still can come in handy as we are ardent users of mobile phones.  So, let’s learn how to read the cellular signal strength of your android phone.

Measure Your Cellular Signal Strength

If you have an android phone, you will have to follow this step to know your signal strength.

Punch in the following characters into your phone-

  • HTC-  *#*#7262626#*#*
  • Samsung- *#*#197328640#*#* or *#0011#
  • Sony- *#*#*386#*#* or *#*#*585*0000#*#*

In case the above method doesn’t work, follow this. The second method is also quick and easy but might vary slightly depending on the software used by the phone.

Turn off the automatic sleep mode- This step can be skipped if you prefer. But reading your cellular signal strength when the phone screen is off is not easy. You might end up being frustrated by having to switch the screen on every time you want to check the strength of your cell reception.

Change your setting- Go to the “Setting” on your phone and you will find the signal strength reading in or near the status settings. Regardless of where it is, the reading will be the same. And do not forget that the signal strength reading will be in negative. That is, a signal strength of 50db will be shown as -50db.

You can successfully connect a call when the signal is not too weak but data transfer requires a stronger signal of minimum strength -100db to maintain 4G or LTE speed. The data speed will slowly reduce with the decreasing signal strength after it goes below -100db.

How Can You Resolve This Issue?

Complaining or changing your service provider might not be effective especially if you are from a remote locality with meagre human population. The best solution is to buy a cellular signal booster, as it will amplify carrier signals from the nearby tower and make it available for your phone to access. Getting a 4G LTE booster will benefit you more if you are a frequent internet user.