Different Types Of Cellular Signal Boosters

Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster
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Types Of Signal Boosters

Cell Phone service booster is used to boost weak carrier signals and transmit it back to your phone, to improve signal reception and call clarity. There are different types of mobile signal boosters based on your specific requirements such as the coverage area, type of location such as home, officer or vehicle, requiring supporting multiple carriers etc. Whatever be the type of booster you choose; it requires a network signal and having only really bad quality signal will also affect the output. Moreover, in today’s interconnected world good quality signal is very important to stay connected and remain in touch with people. The following are the different types of network booster available in the market.

Home/Office Type

It is obvious from the name that these boosters are used for small residential spaces such as homes or office spaces. Hence, the difference between them is the coverage area that can range from 2,000 to 4,000 sq ft. But, you must know that the output of different booster is dependent on the input signal and this comes down to the type of outside and inside antennas used. However, they are selected depending on specific requirements and circumstances. Therefore, you must find the exact reason to implement the ideal cell phone booster for home to get the best results and you can self install them.

In Building Type

These are different from Home/Office type because they have a larger coverage area, and hence require bigger boosting of the input signal. As a result, they have a typical coverage of 6,000sq ft to 10,000sq ft and there are two subdivisions namely commercial and industrial signal booster. The former covers smaller commercial spaces whereas the latter covers huge areas. Moreover, they require proper system design and installed by certified vendors.

Vehicle Type

Different types of boosters are available for vehicles depending on their utility, such as for cars, RV, boats etc. Due to this, there are models that will fit on any vehicle along with models that are designed for specific vehicles such as motor homes or RV. Moreover, expensive or bigger models have better gain and can be used by multiple users, whereas less expensive or smaller ones have lower gain and support only one user. Besides, as explained earlier they come with different types of outside antennas depending on the type of vehicle. Therefore, the choice depends on vehicle type and your budget.

M2M Type

These are also known as machine to machine signal boosters and are used for machine to machine and Internet Of Things that use cellular connected applications.

Different cellular service providers provide cellular signal boosters to improve the quality of their service and you can decide the ideal choice based on your requirements.