Criteria For Choosing The Best Signal Boosters

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Purchasing a signal booster can be beneficial for you to get better signal strength inside your building. But you have to choose the best signal boosters for ensuring better performance. There is a wide range of cell signal boosters available in the market that vary greatly in terms of their coverage, cost, number of users they can accommodate, etc. You have to select a booster that can provide you maximum performance. Hence, we list some of the important factors you have to consider for getting the best signal boosters that can fit your requirements.

Bi-Directional Amplification

Many signal boosters available in the market amplify only signals from the cell tower. They can increase the downlink signals and your device will receive better signal strength. However, they will not boost the uplink signals, i.e., the signals sent by your device to the cell tower. In this case, you might receive the calls, but will not be able to reach back for establishing a reliable call.

So when you buy signal boosters, make sure to get one that can boost both downlink and uplink signals. They will be able to increase the power of the incoming signals from the cell tower and the outgoing signals from your mobile devices.  It can help to improve call reliability and battery life.

High Up Link Output Power

The lack of uplink signal quality can result in different problems including poor voice clarity, dropped calls etc. Therefore, you have to buy a signal booster that has the ability to boost the strength of the uplink signals for getting better connectivity.

Better Down-Link Receive Sensitivity

It indicates the ability of the signal booster’s amplifier to detect even the faintest signals. It should be able to receive the signals that cannot be detected by your cell phone. So look for a booster that has high receiver sensitivity.

Oscillation Detection

Oscillation is a problem that can adversely affect the performance of your boosters. It can occur when the signals from the internal antenna of your booster reach its external antenna. This can result in the formation of a feedback loop that can even damage the cellular network. Therefore, it is important for your amplifier to detect this problem and automatically take corrective measures.

Usually, when a booster detects this problem, it will try to resolve it by reducing the strength of the uplink signals, but if the problem is not solved, it will shut itself off to prevent damage. Hence, when buying a booster, you have to make sure that it can detect oscillation.

Above shared are a few important things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a cell signal booster.