Why Is Antenna Separation Significant For Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

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When installing the interior and exterior antennas of your cell phone signal boosters, you should make sure that there is enough distance between them. This is important to get the maximum performance from your cell signal booster, as close proximity between these antennas can lead to various problems. Therefore, through this article, we explain the importance of antenna separation and how to install the antennas of your cell signal boosters properly.

The Importance Of Antenna Separation

If the distance between your interior and exterior antennas is not proper, the boosted signals emitted by the interior antenna will reach the exterior antenna. This results in the formation of a feedback loop which can in turn affect the performance of the signal boosters. This feedback loop is usually called oscillation.

Oscillation can interfere with and damage the cellular network. Therefore, the FCC made it mandatory for cell signal boosters to detect oscillation and take corrective measures automatically. On detecting this condition, your signal booster will reduce its gain so that it will help with reducing the strength of the signals broadcasted from the interior antenna. This might prevent the signals from reaching the exterior antenna thereby eliminating oscillation. But in some circumstances, this step cannot solve the problem. In this situation, the booster will shut itself off to prevent self-damage and the damage of the cellular network. So you will have to manually make changes for solving this problem and facilitating the normal working of the cell signal boosters.

How To Eliminate Oscillation?

The primary step you can perform to eliminate the problem of oscillation is to move the interior antenna away from the exterior antenna. Vertical separation is very effective and it can help you to easily solve this problem, but if this is not possible for you, then try horizontal separation.

A booster with high gain will need more antenna separation when compared to a booster that has a small gain. Therefore, it is important to decide the distance between the antennas based on the gain of your cell phone signal boosters.

Another important point you have to notice for preventing oscillation is to point your directional antenna away from your home/office. Otherwise, it might pick up the signals from the internal antenna, as this antenna is very powerful.

If the problem is not solved yet, then try to separate your antennas using the help of some barriers like chimneys, air conditioning units, etc. This can help to prevent oscillation effectively.

Antenna separation is important for cell phone signal boosters, as it is necessary for preventing the signals transmitted by the interior antenna from reaching the exterior antenna. Hence, make sure that there is enough distance between your antennas to get the maximum performance from your boosters.