Ways To Boost Cell Signals In Your Building

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Even with all of the outstanding innovations in cellular technology and the new wave of 5G telecommunication, the reality of a dropped call is never out of the picture. You may be on the call with a dear friend, or making an important client call to seal the deal, when the carpet is pulled from underneath your feet- the call drops and you are left stranded with an empty signal bar looking straight at you.

The scenario is not uncommon, and the fact that this continues to be the Achilles heel for the most advanced of telecommunication services known to man is not comforting for everyday users like you and me.

So, is there a solution in sight or are we to dwell in this endless circle of dropped calls and terrible data speeds. The solution is clear as day, with a cell phone signal booster. A call booster will be able to handle most of what is thrown at it, but before you take the leap of making a purchase, try a few of these:

Is Your Phone The Problem?

The phone is one of the key elements in the chain. Carefully inspect your phone for damage that could compromise it. A simple fumble and tumble are enough to make it lose its marbles. The solution would be to take it to the nearest service center and get it fixed if you see any obvious damage. If the warranty is still in place, and the phone is malfunctioning, then you can have it replaced entirely.

Be sure to clear your phone and rid it of unwanted apps. These often eat into the bandwidth with unwanted updates in the background, and this could severely slow your signal down. Clearing junk will make a small improvement and can be the difference between a working signal and a frustratingly non-existent one.

Switch The Provider

If your phone is not the culprit, then the blame falls on the operator. Sometimes, due to heavy traffic and user density in your vicinity, the towers are loaded and hence there can be slow down in the network. It could be that there are several users of the same provider. The solution is to do nothing but change your network provider. Getting a signal from another network will be the difference-maker.

Even if that doesn’t do the trick, then it is time that you decide on getting a call booster. It is a wise investment that will last you for years to come!