Want To Know How To Increase Cell Reception Sitting At Home?

Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
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Mobile Repeaters

Cell phones have become an integral part of not just our lives but our societies as well. A lot of what happens around us is linked to the connectivity that is offered; the speed at which messages are exchanged, photos are posted, statuses updated and information gets around, all depend on the connectivity. The minute this flow of information snips off, most of us would be left “blind”. Businesses work on this constant connectivity and the minute they go in the dark, customers are lost and deals left up in the air.

But before you start getting frantic, we’ll tell you little things you can do to ensure that your phone has signal bars to spare!

Use The Wi-Fi Connection

Switch to the Wi-Fi connection when possible, because voice calls over the internet have started to be more often used. Services such as Skype, Google Duo, Viber, and Whatsapp all allow for voice call facility over the internet.

Charge Your Phone!

Your cell phone requires charge to work, much like how you need good food to function well. Do not let the phone battery icon drop below the dreaded 20%. If you are not in a place where there is an electric outlet nearby, then you can always lower your power consumption. Most mobile manufacturers have specified mode that do this like the power saver or Ultimate power mode. If not then start by reducing the brightness. Although adaptive brightness is a common feature in most smart phones but sometimes this feature doesn’t work all too well, and you’ll need to do this manually. Switch off connectivity features like NFC, Bluetooth, and hotspot and try switching to Wi-Fi instead of using you mobile data. Last but not least, close all unwanted background apps and turn your phone either to silent/ring mode. Don’t use the vibrate mode, as this mooches off way more charge than you could possibly imagine!

Go Outdoors

Due to the signal going weak indoors, a simple walk outside while you make an important call can make a world of difference. Hold your phone high as well for added effect.

Get Yourself A Cell Phone Signal Booster

These devices do wonders for your phone, as they will ensure that you face minimum call drop and slow internet speed issues! The cell phone signal booster or mobile repeater works by taking the weak signal, boosting it and then passing it over to your phone. Your phone has to strain much less, and you will see the immediate effect on its battery life!