How To Fix An Inconsistent Internet Connection

Cellular Antenna Booster
Cellular Antenna Booster
Cellular Antenna Booster
Cellular Antenna Booster

Some people complain that they are not able to utilize the internet between specific hours of the day. This issue happens despite the availability of reasonable cellular signals on their mobile devices. In the event you have been encountering it, just use any of these tips and tricks to fix the issue.

Reset The Mobile Device

Before you carry out a factory reset, just be sure to save the important files and other data somewhere else. The specific steps to perform the reset may differ by the model of your device and/or the operating system it runs on. So we are not mentioning these steps. Anyhow, you will see a ‘reset’ or ‘erase data’ option somewhere in your phone’s ‘Settings’ application. There will be an option to reset the other things in your device too, but do not select it. Just confirm that you choose the right option.

You may also reset the device as a last resort, even though others usually try it initially to see whether it fixes the problem. In that case, you may wish to try the other things mentioned hereunder before it.

Contact Your Cellular Carrier

It could be that your SIM is damaged. If it is, then you would know what to do next: just contact the cell phone service provider for a new SIM. We are only throwing out a suggestion here, but some SIM problem may be keeping you from having a usual data connection. This would not justify why it is accessible after a specific hour. Anyhow, a SIM that malfunctions could lead to a connection issue like this.

Try removing this card from the mobile device, reset the network settings of that phone, and putting it back in. We feel that it may be a carrier-side issue rather than your device-specific one, but it never hurts to try this.

A Mobile Signal Amplifier Might Also Come In Handy

Getting a cellular antenna booster may be a costlier solution, but it is also worth the try. Just contact the carrier to know whether it can provide you with one for free. Tell them that if they cannot give it to improve cell coverage, then you would switch to another carrier. Just be sure to make a strong case for it to do what you are asking it to. Be considerate to that carrier when explaining the situation and whatever you have tried to solve it.