Why Don’t You Get Good Cellular Reception?

Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Reception
Cellular Reception

Nowadays, mobile phones have become an integral part of human life. Before mobile phones became common, people were using public call booths to connect with their near and dear. Sometimes, the number of users in a particular place becomes more than permitted, and subsequently, the cellular signal becomes overcrowded. A call in the same area will have to end for your call to get connected. It can also happen in the case of a message being sent.

Bad Signal

Another reason why you experience an interruption in a mobile conversation is due to a bad signal. One may get a strong signal in the living room at home, but a poor one in the conference room or at the office or in the car during a rush hour. The cause can be the distance between the service provider’s tower and your phone. Distance from a cell tower directly impacts the strength of the signal one receives.

Construction Materials

In olden times, most of our houses were made of wood and other natural materials. But, due to deforestation and restriction for using wood nowadays, we have started using steel, concrete, bricks, and glass materials for construction of buildings. All these can obstruct our cell phone signals and leave the cell phone disconnected or running comparatively slow.

Location Of Phone

Modern building materials are not the only ones to be blamed for this shielding effect, nature itself is another reason why you have bad network coverage. Mountains and trees themselves can become potential signal killers, especially when one is in a mountain valley or forest. One can experience bad network coverage even when he is near to a cell phone tower on the opposite side of the peak.

Unpleasant Weather

One can lose his network strength if the weather is bad. Rain, snow, wind, etc can affect the quality of mobile networks since they utilize electromagnetic waves, which can get affected by the change of weather. Also, signals can deteriorate during the thunder, lightning, high humidity, and the presence of low clouds. The earth’s magnetic field also plays an important role in the mobile phone signal availability.

Phone Battery

Charging the phone can sometimes help one to get a better signal and thus, make a comfortable conversation. When the cellular reception is poor, it drains batteries while searching for a better network, and thus, one will land with a very weak battery at last.

The best method to ensure your calls do not get disconnected is by installing a cellular signal booster. Cellular signal boosters amplify the signals from the towers and make them available for your phone to easily detect.