Get Better Cell Battery Life

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There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a business call and having to plug in your phone, with your cheeks kissing the wall socket. Before you know what is happening, the battery life drops from 90% all the down to 25%, and you are greeted with the familiar beeping of the phone and the “low battery” text on your display. Sure, there is nothing stopping you from connecting to a power socket, but the whole point of a “mobile” phone- is to stay mobile, and not tied down.

We will be looking at some ways in which we can boost battery life and enjoy better cell reception. Read on…

  • Find A Stronger Signal

If your phone is struggling to hold on to a strong signal, then the chances are that it is draining your battery faster than you can imagine. Consider getting a call booster or a cell phone signal booster to boost the cell signals and make it more usable for your phone and other cellular devices near you. They are very easy to install and is the perfect long-term investment that will save you from constant call drops and slow internet speeds.

  • Switch Over To Wi-Fi

If the place where you are at has a reliable, secure Wi-Fi connection then it would be a wiser option switching to it. your phone can use voice over internet (VoLTE) facility and seamlessly get better voice clarity and longer battery life. This is a perfect option if you are far off from the city or if you are short on cell towers nearby.

  • Close All Your Unwanted Apps

Close what you don’t need. There may be several apps opened in the background that eat into your battery life. Periodically check and optimise your phone so as to close unwanted apps and functions like Bluetooth, NFC, hotspot and so on.

  • Adjust Your Screen Brightness

Sometimes, your cell phone’s brightness may be way more than needed. This may harm your eyes and overheat your phone as well. Even if you have automatic brightness adjustments, your phone may not shift to the right brightness levels; you may have to manually change it in that case. Even the dimming of the phone screen needs to be short and not awfully long. Reduce the intensity of the vibrations as well.

Do these following tips to conserve and save your battery life, and extend your phone’s life. Your phone has your back, and now it is time you had it’s.