Call Dropping: Causes And Solutions

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Calls getting dropped constantly may drive you crazy and we often put the blame on our cellular service providers. However, several factors could come into play leading to call dropping. In this article, we explain the possible reasons for call dropping and suggest solutions to the same.

What Causes Call Dropping?

When your phone keeps getting disconnected from your cellular network, your voice calls may get dropped constantly. Here are some of the reasons why this happens.

Longer Distance Between The Transmitting Tower And Cell Phone

When the distance between the cell tower and cell phone increases, the signal strength decreases. Every cell tower has a specific range within which it can transmit signals with appreciable strength. The farther you are from the cell tower, the closer you get to the boundary of the specified range. Poor signal reception leads to issues including call dropping and slow internet speeds.

Human-Made Obstacles

You might have observed at several instances that the indoor signal strength and outdoor signal strength at your place have a significant difference. Construction materials like metals, concrete and low-E glass act as signal-blocking materials and reduces the signal reception indoors.

Natural Obstacles

In some cases, natural features may act as signal-blocking materials. Mountains, hills, and thick forest cover are some examples. Radio waves get scattered on hitting obstacles like mountains and hills and the signals received in areas that lie on the other side of the hills will be attenuated. Cellular signals find it difficult to penetrate through thick forest cover, which explains why you get weak signals while in thickly forested regions.

Solutions To Call Dropping

If you notice that the reasons discussed above are affecting your signal strengths, you would have to consider switching to some other carrier that operates closer to your location or consider shifting to an altogether new location that is devoid of signal blocking features, which is not really practicable. The best solution that you can consider is a cell phone booster.

Once installed, cell phone booster picks up all available signals available at your place, boosts them appropriately and then broadcasts the boosted signals to your cell phones. It is the simplest of solutions you can consider for increasing cellular reception at your place. Except in case, you are installing signal boosters in large buildings or RVs, you can handle the installation work on your own.