What Do You Know About Signal Boosters?

Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster

The cell phone booster is a wireless system that helps to amplify the cell signals in a small area. This device will increase the cell signal strength and you will no longer experience call drops, slow data speeds, undelivered text messages, etc. The signal booster will add gain to the incoming signals and then redistribute the signals to all directions.

The cell phone booster will take the existing outside cell signals around your house, office, and vehicle and increase its strength. The device will rebroadcast the amplified cell signals to the areas where the cell reception is very weak.

Major Cell Phone Booster Components

External antenna, amplifier, internal antenna, and coaxial cable are the four major components of a cell phone booster system. The external antenna is used to capture the incoming cell signals and send them to the amplifier unit. It is often considered as the anterior limb of the signal booster system and is essential for the functioning of the booster.

The cell signals captured by the external antenna is transferred to the amplifier unit, which is the most important component of the cell phone booster. The amplifier will increase the cell signal strength many times. The amplifier unit of an average in-house signal booster can increase the strength of the cell signal by 32 times and often has a range of about 1,500 feet.

It is the purpose of the internal antenna to redistribute the amplified cell signals in the building or vehicle. The internal antenna is to be installed in a position where you get the maximum cell signals. It is often recommended to mount the internal antenna on the ceiling to distribute the amplified cell signals equally in all directions.

Another important component is the coaxial cable, which is said to be the nerves of the cell phone booster system. It is used to connect the internal and external antenna to the amplifier unit. The cell phone signals captured by the external antenna is transferred to the amplifier unit via coaxial cable.

Working Of A Cell Phone Booster

Cell phone boosters are generally used in areas where the cell reception is poor. Therefore, if you are living in a remote location or crowded city or traveling through rural areas, you might have to use a cell phone booster. It can provide you with reliable cell signals 24×7.

In simpler terms, a cell phone booster works by pulling the weak cell signals coming from the cell tower, increases their strength, and rebroadcast them to the nearest cellular devices. When you have better cell phone reception, you won’t have any interruptions while making a call or browsing the internet.

Types Of Signal Boosters

You can use a signal booster in your house, office, or even in your vehicles. The most common types of cell phone boosters are the in-house cell phone boosters. They will help to improve cell reception inside your house and probably have a range between 1,500-2,000 feet. They can work with any types of cell signals, including 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, 5G, etc.

An in-vehicle signal booster is used in cars, buses, RVs, trucks, boats, etc. It can be quite handy when you are on a road trip and still want to stay connected with your friends and family during the trip. An in-vehicle signal booster will provide you with proper cell reception all the time; even in remote locations. You can easily install a signal booster in your car with the help of the instruction manual.

You might need an in-building signal booster to amplify cell signals to multiple floors. An in-building signal booster is 3 or 4 times more powerful than an in-house signal booster and usually have a range of about 100,000 feet. They are mainly used in commercial buildings and need professional help for the installation. Splitters are often used to redistribute the amplified cell signals to multiple floors.

Another type of signal booster is the M2M signal booster or the machine to the machine signal booster. As the name suggests, this type of cell phone boosters is used for IoT devices and other M2M devices that use cellar connection, like ATMs and vending machines. An M2M signal booster can improve the data upload and download speeds in these devices.

Choosing The Right Cell Phone Booster

If you want to buy a signal booster for your house, office, or vehicle, you have to make sure that you are buying the right signal booster. Price is the main thing most people look at when they buy a signal booster. However, you need to consider several other factors while choosing a cell phone booster.

You need to figure out whether you need a single-user or multi-user signal booster. If you are not living alone, you might need a multi-user signal booster. Next, you need to choose the external antenna for the booster. If you are surrounded by cell towers, an omnidirectional will do. However, if you are living far away from the nearest cell tower, you’ll need a unidirectional antenna.